Anti-Bullying Initiative



A child may indicate by signs or behaviour that he or she is being bullied. Adults should be

aware of these possible signs and that they should investigate if a child:


 is frightened of walking to or from school

 doesn't want to go on the school / public bus

 begs to be driven to school

 changes their usual routine

 is unwilling to go to school (school phobic)

 begins to truant

 becomes withdrawn anxious, or lacking in confidence

 starts stammering

 attempts or threatens suicide or runs away

 cries themselves to sleep at night or has nightmares

 feels ill in the morning

 begins to do poorly in school work

 comes home with clothes torn or books damaged

 has possessions which are damaged or " go missing"

 asks for money or starts stealing money (to pay bully)

 has dinner or other monies continually "lost"

 has unexplained cuts or bruises

 comes home starving (money / lunch has been stolen)

 becomes aggressive, disruptive or unreasonable

 is bullying other children or siblings

 stops eating

 is frightened to say what's wrong

 gives improbable excuses for any of the above

 is afraid to use the internet or mobile phone

 is nervous & jumpy when a cyber message is received


These signs and behaviours could indicate other problems, but bullying should be considered a possibility and should be investigated

Bullying Websites  - This program is being implemented at St. Peter's Academy during the 2013- 2014 school year.  It is important that all teachers and parents are working together to use WITS to combat bullying.