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School History

    St. Peter's Academy, as a kindergarten to Grade 9 school, opened in 1995.  Stella Maris Elementary School (1959-1995) and St. Peter's (1982-1995) were reorganized at this point due to declining enrollments.  With the closing of Stella Maris and the transfer of our senior high students into Regina High School and later, Corner Brook Regional High, came the current Kindergarten to Grade 9 St. Peter's Academy.  The school is designed to serve students from Frenchman's Cove to Halfway Point.

    St. Peter's Academy offers an extensive curricular and co-curricular program.  In addition to the "core" programs, we continue to offer others such as Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology Education, and Guidance Services.  There are also other professional services provided by itinerant specialists such as Speech/Language, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, Educational Psychology and Enrichment.

    Other teachers, along with a number of parents and other volunteers, offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to our students.  These activities occur outside the regular school day, either at lunchtime, after school, or on weekends.  We encourage all students to get involved.  
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