Intramural House System

The Intramural House System is an integral part of St. Peter’s Academy’s extra curricular program.  All of our students, K-9 are divided into three Intramural  Houses;  Bradley, Campbell, and Hackett.  Each year,students in each of the three Houses compete against each other in numerous activities for the bragging rights of being The Schools’ Intramural House champions for that particular year.  Sometimes, the fun, excitement and the element of competition are fierce!  St. Peter’s Academy has a 90-95% participation rate in the Schools’ Intramural program. 

    Each Intramural House consists of a House Captain and two Co-Captains.  Those individuals play a major role in the organizing and running of this program.


     Students participate in such activities as:

  • Volleyball  
  • Pajama Days
  • Soccer Baseball
  • Indoor Soccer 
  • Crazy Hair Days  
  • Ringette
  • Math Days
  • Nukum Ball
  • T-Ball
  • Lacrosse
  • Hats/Shades Day
  • Breakfast Item Donations
  • Ball Hockey

     . . . along with many, many more activities to help encourage maximum participation at all levels from Primary to Jr. High.